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Dalton Canaan White 2020

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Canaan loves company… Striving towards sustainability and minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process, we make sure to offer you the chance to savor the natural expression of our grapes as they were meant to be. Fruitful and fragrant. Juicy…and just right. There's always time for joy. Go ahead. Pause for pleasure.

White Canaan is an easy drinking semi-dry wine with rich floral and fruity tones and well-balanced acidity. This is a wine with very few pretensions and is made for immediate consumption.

The Canaan wines were made with the Israeli climate in mind so they are particularly suitable for Mediterranean cuisine. White Canaan is a good accompaniment to fish, seafood dishes, chicken or pasta dishes with cream based sauces.


Brand: Dalton

Varietal: Blend

Country: Israel

Region: Galilee

ALC Content: 14%

Hechsher: kosher for Passover, Kosher Le Mehadrin, Beit Yoseph


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