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Alfasi Chardonnay 2017

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Alfasi wines are produced using the finest grapes grown in the Maule Valley just south of Santiago, Chile's capital city. Alfasi wines benefit from the rare union of a sunny climate with cool ocean breezes. The surrounding mountain ranges provide a cool, moisture-free climate that contributes to the top-quality that Alfasi exhibits. Alfasi Chardonnay is a dry, crisp wine that displays pleasant flavors of apple and pear. Best served with lightly flavored chicken and fish dishes or as an aperitif. Serve chilled.


Brand: Alfasi

Type: Chardonnay

Country: Chile

Region: Maule Valley

ALC Content: 14%

Hechsher: Kosher for Passover, OK, Rabbi Feigelstock, Rabbi Berger


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