Kosher Wines from the Shimshon Region

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Shimshon's history follows the same path as other Israeli wine regions, with one unique distinction: Baron Edmond de Rothschild specifically chose this area for his grape plantings. He also established Rishon Le Zion, the oldest vineyard in Israel.

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The terroir of Shimshon has specific characteristics that influence grape cultivation:

Elevation and Climate: With altitudes not exceeding 262 feet and a Mediterranean climate, the region provides a stable environment for grape growth.

Precipitation: Though low, 15 inches of annual rainfall is supplemented with irrigation to nurture the vineyards.

Soil: The chalky, deep, clay loam soils contribute to the flavor profile of the grapes, supporting the growth of red and white varieties.

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Grape Varieties

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Top Wineries

Some of Shimshon's top wineries include:

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