Kosher Wines from Sharon Plains Region

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Local wine production in Sharon Plains dates back as far as 1,500 years. Though outshined by the Golan and Galilee regions in recent decades, Sharon Plains holds its own.

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The terroir of Sharon Plains has several features that impact grape cultivation:

  • Elevation and Climate: Elevations reaching 656 feet and a Mediterranean climate create a favorable environment for a wide array of grape varietals.
  • Precipitation: The 12 inches of annual rainfall and the region's specific soil types provide the necessary moisture for grape cultivation.
  • Soil: The calcareous clay, terra rossa, chalk, and limestone soils contribute to the complexity of flavors in the wines, reflecting the unique characteristics of the land.
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Grape Varieties

Sharon Plains offers a range of grape varieties:

Red Varieties:

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Top Wineries

Some of the top wineries in Sharon Plains include:

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