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Shiloh Secret Shiraz Reserve 2017

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The Shiloh winery began operations in 2005 in a state-of-the art facility overlooking the breathtaking views of the Benjamin strip. Under the direction of master winemaker Amichai Luria, Shiloh's wines have already won an impressive array of national and international awards - establishing the brand as one of the most exciting and promising in Israeli wine. Luria ferments carefully-selected Judean Hills Shiraz grapes at a low temperature, and then ages them in fine French oak barrels for 20 months. The bottled wines are aged for six months or longer prior to release. This painstaking winemaking process yields wine with an astonishing earthy complexity balancing out its rich concentrated fruit. You will be delighted by aromas of plum, coffee and vanilla, and flavors of spicy blueberry over a voluptuous texture. This can stand up to medium-spicy curries and stews, and is also fantastic with grilled lamb sausage.


Brand: Shiloh

Type: Shiraz

Country: Israel

Region: Judean Hills

ALC Content: 14.1%

Hechsher: Kosher for Passover, OK, Chug Chasam Sofer (Bnei Brak)


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