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Lehrman Exclusive - Sip for Solidarity Israeli Wine Set

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Kosher Wine Warehouse is thrilled to offer an exclusive Israeli kosher wine set, specially curated for Lehrman parents. Perfect for enjoying at your next Shabbat meal or sipping during the warm summer months, this exquisite selection brings the rich flavors of Israeli vineyards right to your table. Celebrate with us and indulge in a truly unique wine experience, curated just for you. Cheers to community, tradition, and delightful moments!


This set includes:

  • Ramat Negev Kadesh Barnea Rosé 2023
  • Ramat Negev Midbar Sauvignon Blanc 2023
  • Flegmann Red Reserve 2019
  • Matar Petit Verdot 2019
  • Har Bracha Highlander Merlot 2018
  • Har Bracha Jozef Cabernet Sauvignon 2020