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Elvi Wines Cava Brut

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The Cava Brut by Elvi is a highly drinkable sparkling wine made from grapes grown in Spain's fertile wine regions. The coloring is very light, and nearly translucent with a straw coloring and some greenness. The bubbles are nice and prominent, both pleasurable to the eye and mouth. The aroma is complex, with many different notes. A touch of fruit, a touch of yeast, and a touch of almond swirl around in the nose. The texture feels nice in the mouth with lighter acids that fall away at the end and a shorter aftertaste. Very enjoyable and easy to drink.


Brand: Elvi

Type: Cava

Country: Spain

Region: Rioja

ALC Content: 11.5%

Hechsher: Kosher for Passover, OU, Rabbi Katz of Charedim Israel; Federation of Synagogues (London)

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