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O’Dwyers Creek

O’Dwyers Creek

O’Dwyers Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2020

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O'Dwyers Creek Vineyard is located in Marlborough, New Zealand who's renowned for its iconic sauvignon blanc variety. This Sauvignon Blanc has a cloudy, white color, very light with aromas that are super interesting. The aromas are almost slate like, astringent with subtle fruit on the back. Mostly yellow fruits with gooseberries, lemon, maybe some pineapple, and definitely grapefruit. The flavors are well balanced with some real earth, rock and mineral added to the flavors, almost old world like. The lemon flavor is more pulp flavor, not as tart as the peel or zest, almost fruit like in its lemon flavor. There is a nice acid flavor to the taste, dry as well. This is a very refreshing wine. 


Brand: O’Dwyers Creek

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

Country: New Zealand

Region: Marlborough 

ALC Content: 12.5%

Hechsher: Kosher for Passover


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