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Lodi's wine history is marked by its old vine bottlings dating back to 1888. The region's diverse selection of grapes from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the Southern Rhône reflects its rich heritage and innovation in winemaking.

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Lodi's flat terrain and hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with daily temperatures averaging 86 °F, make it suitable for Zinfandel, a grape that thrives in warmth. The deep Tokay fine sandy loam soil, reaching 50 to 90 feet, provides excellent drainage, enhancing the concentration of flavors in the grapes. Lodi's terroir has become a hub for innovative winemaking techniques, producing bold and flavorful wines.

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Lodi's self-proclaimed title as the Zinfandel capital of the world is more than a catchy phrase; it reflects the region's dedication to quality and diversity. The flat terrain and hot-summer Mediterranean climate have allowed Lodi to explore an impressive variety of varietals, including several sub-regions that contribute to its unique offerings. For those seeking to discover new flavors and experiences, Lodi's rich soil and innovative winemaking techniques provide a gateway to uncharted wine territories.