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Every bottle of Herzog Wine has a captivating tale to tell, tracking nine generations of winemakers overcoming impossible odds to find their place in California’s wine region. Here, we share a story beginning in the vineyards of Slovakia and ending in award-winning California kosher wines contributing to your own family’s story.

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The History of Herzog Wine

In the 19th century, Rabbi Menachem Herzog established his family’s distillery, winery, and brewery in Vrbové in the Trnava Region of Slovakia. When Emperor Frans-Josef dubbed Phillip Herzog a baron and had the winery produce his royal court wine, it led to decades of success for the family and the townspeople employed by the winery.

Sadly, Phillip's son Yakub and his wife were murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz. However, his grandchild Eugene and his family survived in hiding. Although this led to the miraculous reclaiming of their namesake winery, with the rise of communism in Slovakia, Eugene fled with his family to New York City.

In 1948, Eugene worked for the Royal Wine Company, using his wealth of experience as a winemaker, sales manager, and truck driver to earn company shares. Through persistence, he became the majority stockholder, buying the company in 1958. He then opened and operated Kedem Winery with his four sons.

Through hard work and commitment, they developed a full line of opulent wines using the American Concord Grape sweetened with grape juice to mask its bitterness. This trademark process became the driving force of the American kosher wine industry. Interestingly, Kedem grape juice was the first kosher grape juice produced in the U.S. and is now the top-selling kosher product in the U.S.

The family prospered over the next 25 years and, under David Herzog's leadership, started the Baron Herzog wine label in 1985 in California. They sourced the finest grapes, creating the first line of premium kosher wine in the U.S. Their very first vintage won critical acclaim and awards, which they continue to earn year after year.
Affectionately known as “the wandering winery,” Baron Herzog began in Napa Valley, moved south of San Francisco, and settled in Ventura County, California, where David and team run their state-of-the-art winery today.

The Vineyards

Baron Herzog wines make a notable difference in kosher wines by using grapes from the best areas of the California wine region, including:

Lake County: 

The ancient volcanic eruptions in the area provided the ideal soil mix of gravel, sand, and tephra mixed with pockets of heat-retaining obsidian. This area produces low yields of small berries with highly concentrated flavor.

Napa Valley

Home to 100 soil variations, volcanic activity provided the ideal soil for over three dozen grape varietals grown in a small area.

Alexander Valley: 

This 22-mile valley cradles local vineyards with a microclimate perfect for many wine grape varietals.

Russian River Valley: 

Volcanic ash formed the area's Goldridge loamy soil, complemented by the marine climate ideal for grape production.


Slow-draining soil and clay with arid conditions and cool breezes preserve acidity in the fruit, ideal for Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay grapes.


Lodi’s soil and Mediterranean climate make this region the world's top producer of Zinfandel grapes.

Monterey County: 

Irrigation is a must for the thirsty soil in this region to support the slow fruit maturation that intensifies flavor.

Paso Robles: 

Paso Robles is a late-comer to California wine regions, with its cooling fogs and calcareous and siliceous rocky soils helping maintain grape acidity.

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The Winemaking Process

Winemaker Barry Henderson handcrafts Baron Herzog wines using the family’s century and a half of wine-making expertise to consider every aspect of the process. The winery focuses on quality at every step, from harvesting and preparing the grapes to finding the best way to age wine.

A de-stemming machine gently separates every grape from its stem to help preserve the tannins between the grape skin and pulp. Every grape varietal is considered to determine whether wine proceeds to the tank room or barrel cellar to bring out the best flavor in each bottle of wine.

Distinctive Qualities of Herzog Wine

Baron Herzog wines include several lines to appeal to their diverse customers:


These off-dry wines are designed for everyday sipping and casual meal pairings.


Lineage includes six single-vineyard and single-varietal wines providing exceptional flavor and value.


This line celebrates the diversity of California’s growing regions and includes Herzog Variations Oak using barrels to vary the wine's color, flavor, profile, and texture.

Special Reserve: 

Made from the grapes of the most respected vineyards in California, this line is a premium offering, including several varietals made in limited production.

Single Vineyard: 

Inspired by the intricacies of terroir, this line salutes the subtleties of time and position in the vineyard.

Special Edition: 

This extraordinary line of wines commemorates nine generations in the winemaking business, including Herzog Limited Edition Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon and Herzog Limited Edition Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon.


The Weinstock label celebrates young, vibrant, fruit-forward wines, highlighting specific growing regions and wines you can enjoy today.

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The Legacy of Herzog Wine: Captured in Each Bottle Across Generations and Vineyards

Discover the curated collection of Herzog wines, each bottle a tribute to a family odyssey that originates from 19th-century Slovakia and thrives in modern-day California's esteemed vineyards. This is more than winemaking; it’s a labor of love that has weathered historical trials and celebrates continual triumphs. Be a part of this evolving narrative.

The Herzog Wine Experience Awaits

With over 25 unique wine varieties, Herzog offers not only a range of exceptional flavors and aromas but also an enduring passion for the craft of winemaking. Each bottle you choose adds a new chapter to your own family’s ongoing story.

Are you ready to explore the Herzog collection? Each selection promises to surprise and please even the most discerning of palates. Click below to make your choice.

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