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A Unique August Opportunity:

Triple Delight Just in Time for Rosh Hashana!

As Rosh Hashana nears, we're thrilled to present a one-of-a-kind experience that unites the joy of discovering kosher wines, earning irresistible rewards, and supporting cherished charities—all in one fantastic package!

1. Warehouse Cellar Rewards

The Start of Something Spectacular!

  • Join our rewards program this August and earn DOUBLE POINTS on everything.
  • Claim Your Rewards and Start Earning Now! 

Already a Warehouse Cellar Rewards Member?

Enjoy the perks of membership with 2x points on all purchases during August! Feel free to proceed to the next step and continue reaping the benefits.

Learn About Cellar Rewards

2. Wine Club

Your Gateway to Exclusive Shabbat Wines!

  • Subscribe to the Wine Club and keep earning 2x Points long after August.
  • Your perfect solution for exceptional kosher wine for Shabbat.
  • Savor Unforgettable Wines Now!
Learn About Wine Club

3. Charitable Partner Program

Raise Funds for Your Favorite Charity!

  • Up to 5% goes to your chosen charity with your purchase.
  • If your favorite charity isn't listed, invite them to sign up.
  • Drink Well, Do Good Now!
Learn About Fundraising

Every Sip Is a Symphony of Flavor, Savings, and Heart

Only in August, perfectly timed for Rosh Hashana

Join a community where wine tasting transcends to a higher plane of enjoyment. It's not just about the wine but the synergistic blend of convenience, exploration, discounts, and giving back.

Together, our loyalty program, wine club, and charitable rewards craft an unprecedented wine adventure that resonates with the spirit of Rosh Hashana.

Embrace the August Sensation

Begin Your Journey Here!

1. Join Warehouse Cellar Rewards


3. Support Your Chosen Charity

Each glass poured is a step toward Rosh Hashana filled with the richness of extraordinary kosher wines, the joy of unprecedented rewards, and the warmth of supporting the causes closest to your heart. Act now, for this unique August synergy awaits to elevate your celebrations!

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