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If you love a crisp, fruity, semi-sparkling Moscato, chances are you’re reaching for that familiar blue bottle on every special occasion. However, when you venture off the beaten path of mainstream kosher Moscato wines, you can discover something beyond your average sweet sipper. 36 Degrees North is just such a wine, offering a new flavor profile to add to your Moscato d’Asti rotation. Here, we introduce the “other” Moscato d’Asti blue bottle wine and explain why this hidden gem deserves a spot on your wine rack.

Although we all have our favorites, wine is meant to be discovered, with endless varieties and brands offering their own unique taste experiences. Whether you’ve discovered the sweet and pleasing frizzante sensation of sipping a cold glass of Moscato in a blue bottle or have yet to try this variety of wine, Moscato d'Asti is a light sparkling white produced in Italy’s northwestern Piedmont region.

It is a popular kosher wine, holding its rightful place in Jewish celebrations, where the distinct blue bottle of popular Bartenura Moscato reigns supreme. However, while we are big fans of the “original” wine in the blue bottle, we can’t help but feel the “other” blue bottle wine deserves some time in the limelight as well. Enter 36 Degrees North, a lightly effervescent Moscato that can hold its own as a wine to be reckoned with.