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Dalton Estate Rose 2021

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Rosé is a blush wine made from shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and barbera.

Dalton Rosé is an incredibly aromatic wine, with the essence of bright strawberry, rose petal and red grapefruit. The wine is slightly dry and its bright acidity enhances the length of the wine's fruit driven palate.

Dalton Rosé was made with the Israeli climate in mind and is particularly suitable for Mediterranean climate and cuisine, it is highly suited for aperitif, Mediterranean food, roasted eggplant, tahini and pastas. In addition, light soft cheeses accompany the wine very well.


Brand: Dalton

Varietal: Rose

Country: Israel

Region: Galilee

ALC Content: 14.5%

Hechsher: Kosher, Kosher Le Pessach, Kosher Le Mehadrin, Beit Yoseph


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